The Top Baby Health Products

The Top Baby Health Products New Parents Really Need

As you begin approaching the end of your pregnancy, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the baby health products that your baby will need. Rushing out in the middle of the night for a thermometer when your baby feels warm or to pick up some cough syrup to combat a harsh cough is almost impossible. When you have all the right baby health products in your nursery, you can handle any health or medical emergency that might pop up.

Must Have Liquids

Among all the baby health products that you need are some must have liquids that will help you get through the night with a sick baby until you can reach your pediatrician. Tylenol makes liquids for both babies and infants as well as liquid products for toddlers. One dose of the liquid can help bring down a fever and help you avoid a trip to the emergency room. You’ll also want to have some type of fluid that will replace the electrolytes that your baby loses from throwing up or having diarrhea. It’s also helpful to invest in some hydrogen peroxide.


Though you will need a thermometer, you should pick up a digital model rather than one of the old-fashioned models that some use. A digital thermometer can give you the precise temperature of your baby in seconds, even if that child screams and tries to get away. Some have a slightly curved end that you can put right into the baby’s ear and get a reading in 20 seconds or less. Others are smaller and more flexible. You can place one of these thermometers on your child’s forehead and get a fast reading.

Hot and Cold Packs

Baby health products include items that help bring down a baby’s temperature and reduce inflammation. A heating pad is a must have for both new parents and their babies. You can use one to cope with any soreness or stiffness that you feel after a late night and to cope with any back pain you have. Heating pads will also help babies suffering from upset stomachs. Make sure that you use the heating pad on a low setting and only with the included cover. If your baby is too hot or has inflammation in one part of his or her body, you can use an ice pack to bring down a fever and reduce swelling. Find Brauer Baby & Child Pain & Fever Relief at Amcal.

Image for Brauer Baby & Child Pain & Fever Relief - 50mL from Amcal

Medical Supplies

You will also need Amcal infant medicine dispenser that fall under the category of general medical supplies. Gauze pads and adhesive bandages in different sizes are perfect for covering the scratches that your baby does to his or her own skin. Use cloth tape, which is gentler than standard medical tape, with gauze pads. Tweezers and scissors can help you get debris out of scrapes and cut bandages down to the right size too. You may want to stock your medicine cabinet with creams for using on cuts, scraps and bug bites also. All these baby health products will help you cope with any type of injury or illness.

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