Reduce Pain With A Pregnancy Belt

Reduce Pain With A Pregnancy Belt

Have you ever thought about purchasing a pregnancy support belt? Better yet, do you even know what one is? At first glance, many people believes a pregnancy support belt/ band is a waist belt; worn when working out. However, the sole purpose of a pregnancy support belt is to relieve the feeling of pressure that many women feel when pregnant. The weight of a baby or babies in some cases, causes pressure on your lower back, ligaments, muscles and joints, which causes discomfort. According to experts, 71% pregnant women suffer from lower back pain and 65% suffers from pelvic girdle pain. In order to combat this pain, many women wear a pregnancy support belt to support their lower back.

Types of Maternity Belts

There are three main types of maternity belts.

· Single Strap Belt

o Most women chooses a single strap belt for their back pain. As your belly enlarges so will your back pain.

· Extra Support Belt

o The extra support belt aka the plus-size belt is for the women who has either gained a lot of weight during their pregnancy or their stomach is too big for a single strap belt. This belt provides extra back support for women who are dealing with a lot of pain.

· Prenatal Cradle

o The prenatal cradle belt is normally made of elastic material; which means it is able to stretch and grow as you grow. Some of the benefits of this belt is that it offers relieve of hip separation, abdominal straining, and back pain.

You will choose your belt type solely on what pain you are experiencing. This also may vary as you progress further along in your pregnancy journey.

Benefits of using a pregnancy vitamins Amcal

There are several declared benefits for using a pregnancy support belt:

· Helps with posture.

o Many women “waddle” once they reach a certain point in their pregnancy. The pregnancy belt supports and corrects your posture.

· Ease pain.

o As previously stated, many women experience pain while pregnant. Depending on the type of belt you choose, the pain can be reduced.

It is important to note that a pregnancy support belt will not cause harm to your baby in any way. These belts are designed to help you during your pregnancy.

Alternatives to the Pregnancy Belt

Though a pregnancy belt is a great aid for pain relief, there are other things you can do. Some methods that can help reduce pain are:

· Working on your posture without the belt.

· Exercise

· Yoga

· Do squats

Before buying Swisse Pregnancy + Ultivite, talk to your doctor. Pregnancy belts can get expensive and you do not want to buy what you do not need. Moreover consulting with your doctor will ensure that the pain you are feeling is treatable by wearing a belt.

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