Dental and Oral Care

Dental and Oral Care | Brush, Floss, and Eat Healthy

The key to keeping a healthy, bright smile from childhood and throughout adulthood lies in maintaining proper dental and oral care and a teeth grinding guard by Amcal. Once your milk teeth are gone, you need to take good care of your mouth to prevent cavities and periodontal diseases that lead to tooth loss. Discussed below are simple and effective dental and oral care tips to follow.


Proper dental and oral care requires you to brush your teeth at least two times on a daily basis. Before brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, you may use a mouth pre-rinse with calcium, which helps fluoride remain longer on your teeth.

When selecting a toothbrush, pick one with a small, rounded-end head and soft bristles since it will reach all parts of your teeth and mouth such as Oral-B Pro 3000 Electric Toothbrush. For increased effectiveness, use an electric-powered toothbrush with rotating and oscillating features. The American Dental Association recommends these toothbrushes because they reduce plaque formation as well as gingivitis.

While brushing, pay close attention to all surfaces of your teeth, front and back. Also, remember to brush your check-sides, gums, and tongue gently to prevent gum disease. Finally, always replace your toothbrush after three months, or when its bristles become weak.
Image for Oral-B Pro 3000 Electric Toothbrush from Amcal


Flossing is also important for maintaining good dental and oral care. You should floss daily, at least once, to prevent plaque build-up between your teeth. Nearly 80 percent of oral cavities are found in the grooves, pits, or fissures of the teeth’s chewing surfaces. Oral irrigators or toothpicks may also supplement interdental cleaning.

Flossing is important for your overall dental and oral care because a toothbrush tends to miss areas between your teeth that it cannot physically reach. The most common flossing techniques recommended by dentists are the circle and finger-wrap methods.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Dental and oral care extends to more than flossing and brushing teeth. You should also avoid sugary foods and drinks that wreak havoc on your mouth and teeth. Avoid soda since its excess sugar content can break down your teeth slowly over time. Furthermore, the fizzy ingredients found in soda like citric and phosphoric acid corrode teeth’s enamel making them susceptible to cavities.

Proper dental and oral care also demands that you cut down your daily intake of sugary foods and snacks. Sugar is notorious for promoting acidity and bacterial growth inside the mouth leading to plaque formation. Plaque is harmful because it attacks the tooth enamel and gums leading to decay.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking has terrible consequences to your teeth. Tar and nicotine in cigarettes corrode gums while smoking increases plaque formation and bacterial production in your mouth. This makes you highly susceptible to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Smoking can also cause oral cancer.

Dental and oral care requires daily, and proper, flossing and brushing teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth after taking lunch, use a fluoride mouthwash instead. Moreover, while the occasional soda and sweet treats are not harmful, over-indulgence is discouraged. Therefore, floss or brush teeth after eating sugary snacks or foods

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