Debunking Six Common Condom Myths

Debunking Six Common Condom Myths

In the past, sexual health awareness was not widespread. Many people had not realized the benefits of using contraceptives. With the increase in unprotected sex and casual sex, the rate of STD contraction has also increased. The situation has been an eye opener for people to understand the importance of condom use.

Condoms are necessary for three reasons. Firstly, they prevent the user from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Secondly, some are designed to increase sexual pleasure. Thirdly, they are a reliable method of preventing unplanned pregnancy. Despite all these benefits, condoms’ popularity has always been dragged down by these myths.

Condoms are likely to break
If this were true, then doctors would not recommend them so often. As long as you use them correctly, they are a safe form of protection. It is important to understand the factors that are likely to cause a condom break. They include exposure to heat, light, and air. Always check the expiration date before buying. Also, a Amcal HERO Regular will not go well with oil-based lube. Therefore, always go for water or silicone based lubes. If by chance a condom breaks while in the act, pull it out and replace immediately.

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Condoms are a guy’s responsibility
Your health should be your top priority. You should never be embarrassed by securing your health. The good thing is that you can find a female condom quickly. Therefore, ladies should not shy away from using them whenever they are in need. A good sex life is important, and a condom will sure get you this.

Condoms are not effective in preventing pregnancies
Again, this is not true. While there is a chance for one to get pregnant when using a condom, the chances are meager. The important thing is to use it correctly. You can even increase their efficiency by using spermicide on them; which prevent the sperms from moving further the tracks. You should also consider pulling out with your condom on as this decreases your chances of getting pregnant.

Two layers are better than one
It is not true. Using one condom correctly and consistently is the best way to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and STDs. Putting on more than one condom at an instance reduces their effectiveness. This is due to the friction from the many condoms which is likely to cause a tear and wear.

Condoms cannot be used for oral sex
Yes, it is true that a condom should never come into contact with sharp objects such as teeth. However, some diseases can be transmitted through oral sex such as HPV, pubic lice, and herpes. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals engaging in oral sex should use a condom or dental dams. It is for both the one on the giving or at the receiving end of the oral sexual activity.

Condoms are expensive
It is not true. They are among the most affordable and accessible birth control methods. You can find Amcal condom prices in most drugstores, and no prescription is required. In case you are on a tight budget, consider visiting a community health center since they offer them for free.

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