Buy Multivitamins

Buy Multivitamins

Do you really need to buy multivitamins? Vitamins are an integral part of our diet, since they cannot be produced or synthesised in sufficient quantities by our body to perform their work properly. For example, a little zinc is essential to the immune system to protect itself from cancer. On the other hand, at high doses zinc seems to increase the development of cancer.

Swallowing multivitamins also makes both children and adults smarter, according to researchers. Daily intake of multivitamin supplements can improve cognitive performance (memory, concentration, quickness of mind, etc.). However, many people today buy multivitamin by Amcal and consume mega-doses of isolated vitamins of a pharmaceutical nature, which are synthesized, standardized and isolated chemicals that are very rarely made from natural sources.

In addition, many essential vitamins and nutrients were found in foods that are no longer consumed regularly: marrow bones, wild berries, offal, herring, molluscs, etc. It is therefore not surprising to note the conclusion of researchers who state, with regard to why you really need to buy multivitamins: the nutrients are cheap, they have virtually no side effects when used at the recommended doses and they are essential to life. This strategy to buy multivitamins to prevent dementia is all the more important as life expectancy increases and so life expectancy in good health must be up to par.

Vitamins are naturally produced in two forms in addition to bioflavonoids and several other related compounds having an activity similar to that of vitamin C. Beware if you buy multivitamins, these are rare natural substances and many manufacturers use synthetic vitamin E, in which case you’ll see written “vitamin E” or “dl-alpha-tocopherol”, etc. Thus, cancer cells, which are dangerous because they have become “immortal” and they reproduce indefinitely, die and disappear from the body with multivitamins. You may also buy multivitamins to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. And this is all the more beneficial as we continue to discover new gains that show why you should buy multivitamins.

In addition, be careful as certain brands of synthetic vitamins are labeled “organic” because they contain carbon. This is a marketing trick, because in order to successfully integrate all these elements into the capsules in addition to the vitamins, manufacturers have only one option: to reduce the doses of each product. Indeed, published scientific research shows that vitamins of food origin are nutritionally superior to their synthetic analogues.

For decades, the “natural” health industry has spoken of vitamin supplements as being essential for a healthy and productive life. Consider some individual examples of food-based vitamins and their synthetic analogues. The authors of the published scientific research are affirmative about the usefulness of taking—100-tablets-p-9314567204940

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Participants who were healthy at the start of a study and took multivitamins experienced a reduction in their risk of having a heart attack compared to those who did not. Studies show that elderly people have insufficient intakes of vitamins and folate, a situation that can be improved by taking vitamin supplements. In a series of articles teams of neuroscientists have also studied the beneficial effects of multivitamin supplements on stress levels, morale and cognitive functions.

The skin of elderly people also synthesizes less vitamin D compared to the skin of a younger person. However, be careful as most vitamins today are derived from chemically processed sugar, petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives and industrially processed fish oils.

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