International Ride To Work Day

“Riding in winter?”  you ask.

Winter riding in Australia is just divine.  A little investment in warm dry riding gear rewards with sensational riding conditions.

  • Weather in NSW, Queensland and WA is cool but clear.   Prevailing high pressure systems  mean that these months are dry with clear blue skies.  Rug up and it’s perfect motorcycling weather.
  • Victoria, Southern SA & Tasmania often have cool wet winter days, but those residents are aclimatised and a much more hardy breed than their northern neighbours.  They’ll cope.

Winter often means people put their bikes away, but with such great riding, an event which encourages riders back on their bikes and scooters has to be for the greater good.

International Ride To Work Day has been in operation in the US for some 17 years.

  • The new day is not as hot in most northern hemisphere areas, and not as cold in most southern hemisphere areas.   June weather is more favorable worldwide.
  • The new day provides an increased opportunity for more riders to Ride to Work. Many workplaces close for summer holiday in July, the previous International Ride To Work timing – especially in Europe.
  • A Monday event encourages motorcycle and scooter commuting to continue during the entire week.

The Top Baby Health Products

The Top Baby Health Products New Parents Really Need

As you begin approaching the end of your pregnancy, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the baby health products that your baby will need. Rushing out in the middle of the night for a thermometer when your baby feels warm or to pick up some cough syrup to combat a harsh cough is almost impossible. When you have all the right baby health products in your nursery, you can handle any health or medical emergency that might pop up.

Must Have Liquids

Among all the baby health products that you need are some must have liquids that will help you get through the night with a sick baby until you can reach your pediatrician. Tylenol makes liquids for both babies and infants as well as liquid products for toddlers. One dose of the liquid can help bring down a fever and help you avoid a trip to the emergency room. You’ll also want to have some type of fluid that will replace the electrolytes that your baby loses from throwing up or having diarrhea. It’s also helpful to invest in some hydrogen peroxide.


Though you will need a thermometer, you should pick up a digital model rather than one of the old-fashioned models that some use. A digital thermometer can give you the precise temperature of your baby in seconds, even if that child screams and tries to get away. Some have a slightly curved end that you can put right into the baby’s ear and get a reading in 20 seconds or less. Others are smaller and more flexible. You can place one of these thermometers on your child’s forehead and get a fast reading.

Hot and Cold Packs

Baby health products include items that help bring down a baby’s temperature and reduce inflammation. A heating pad is a must have for both new parents and their babies. You can use one to cope with any soreness or stiffness that you feel after a late night and to cope with any back pain you have. Heating pads will also help babies suffering from upset stomachs. Make sure that you use the heating pad on a low setting and only with the included cover. If your baby is too hot or has inflammation in one part of his or her body, you can use an ice pack to bring down a fever and reduce swelling. Find Brauer Baby & Child Pain & Fever Relief at Amcal.

Image for Brauer Baby & Child Pain & Fever Relief - 50mL from Amcal

Medical Supplies

You will also need Amcal infant medicine dispenser that fall under the category of general medical supplies. Gauze pads and adhesive bandages in different sizes are perfect for covering the scratches that your baby does to his or her own skin. Use cloth tape, which is gentler than standard medical tape, with gauze pads. Tweezers and scissors can help you get debris out of scrapes and cut bandages down to the right size too. You may want to stock your medicine cabinet with creams for using on cuts, scraps and bug bites also. All these baby health products will help you cope with any type of injury or illness.

Dental and Oral Care

Dental and Oral Care | Brush, Floss, and Eat Healthy

The key to keeping a healthy, bright smile from childhood and throughout adulthood lies in maintaining proper dental and oral care and a teeth grinding guard by Amcal. Once your milk teeth are gone, you need to take good care of your mouth to prevent cavities and periodontal diseases that lead to tooth loss. Discussed below are simple and effective dental and oral care tips to follow.


Proper dental and oral care requires you to brush your teeth at least two times on a daily basis. Before brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, you may use a mouth pre-rinse with calcium, which helps fluoride remain longer on your teeth.

When selecting a toothbrush, pick one with a small, rounded-end head and soft bristles since it will reach all parts of your teeth and mouth such as Oral-B Pro 3000 Electric Toothbrush. For increased effectiveness, use an electric-powered toothbrush with rotating and oscillating features. The American Dental Association recommends these toothbrushes because they reduce plaque formation as well as gingivitis.

While brushing, pay close attention to all surfaces of your teeth, front and back. Also, remember to brush your check-sides, gums, and tongue gently to prevent gum disease. Finally, always replace your toothbrush after three months, or when its bristles become weak.
Image for Oral-B Pro 3000 Electric Toothbrush from Amcal


Flossing is also important for maintaining good dental and oral care. You should floss daily, at least once, to prevent plaque build-up between your teeth. Nearly 80 percent of oral cavities are found in the grooves, pits, or fissures of the teeth’s chewing surfaces. Oral irrigators or toothpicks may also supplement interdental cleaning.

Flossing is important for your overall dental and oral care because a toothbrush tends to miss areas between your teeth that it cannot physically reach. The most common flossing techniques recommended by dentists are the circle and finger-wrap methods.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Dental and oral care extends to more than flossing and brushing teeth. You should also avoid sugary foods and drinks that wreak havoc on your mouth and teeth. Avoid soda since its excess sugar content can break down your teeth slowly over time. Furthermore, the fizzy ingredients found in soda like citric and phosphoric acid corrode teeth’s enamel making them susceptible to cavities.

Proper dental and oral care also demands that you cut down your daily intake of sugary foods and snacks. Sugar is notorious for promoting acidity and bacterial growth inside the mouth leading to plaque formation. Plaque is harmful because it attacks the tooth enamel and gums leading to decay.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking has terrible consequences to your teeth. Tar and nicotine in cigarettes corrode gums while smoking increases plaque formation and bacterial production in your mouth. This makes you highly susceptible to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Smoking can also cause oral cancer.

Dental and oral care requires daily, and proper, flossing and brushing teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth after taking lunch, use a fluoride mouthwash instead. Moreover, while the occasional soda and sweet treats are not harmful, over-indulgence is discouraged. Therefore, floss or brush teeth after eating sugary snacks or foods

Buy Multivitamins

Buy Multivitamins

Do you really need to buy multivitamins? Vitamins are an integral part of our diet, since they cannot be produced or synthesised in sufficient quantities by our body to perform their work properly. For example, a little zinc is essential to the immune system to protect itself from cancer. On the other hand, at high doses zinc seems to increase the development of cancer.

Swallowing multivitamins also makes both children and adults smarter, according to researchers. Daily intake of multivitamin supplements can improve cognitive performance (memory, concentration, quickness of mind, etc.). However, many people today buy multivitamin by Amcal and consume mega-doses of isolated vitamins of a pharmaceutical nature, which are synthesized, standardized and isolated chemicals that are very rarely made from natural sources.

In addition, many essential vitamins and nutrients were found in foods that are no longer consumed regularly: marrow bones, wild berries, offal, herring, molluscs, etc. It is therefore not surprising to note the conclusion of researchers who state, with regard to why you really need to buy multivitamins: the nutrients are cheap, they have virtually no side effects when used at the recommended doses and they are essential to life. This strategy to buy multivitamins to prevent dementia is all the more important as life expectancy increases and so life expectancy in good health must be up to par.

Vitamins are naturally produced in two forms in addition to bioflavonoids and several other related compounds having an activity similar to that of vitamin C. Beware if you buy multivitamins, these are rare natural substances and many manufacturers use synthetic vitamin E, in which case you’ll see written “vitamin E” or “dl-alpha-tocopherol”, etc. Thus, cancer cells, which are dangerous because they have become “immortal” and they reproduce indefinitely, die and disappear from the body with multivitamins. You may also buy multivitamins to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. And this is all the more beneficial as we continue to discover new gains that show why you should buy multivitamins.

In addition, be careful as certain brands of synthetic vitamins are labeled “organic” because they contain carbon. This is a marketing trick, because in order to successfully integrate all these elements into the capsules in addition to the vitamins, manufacturers have only one option: to reduce the doses of each product. Indeed, published scientific research shows that vitamins of food origin are nutritionally superior to their synthetic analogues.

For decades, the “natural” health industry has spoken of vitamin supplements as being essential for a healthy and productive life. Consider some individual examples of food-based vitamins and their synthetic analogues. The authors of the published scientific research are affirmative about the usefulness of taking https://www.amcal.com.au/vitamins-supplements/multivitamins/amcal-once-daily-multi—100-tablets-p-9314567204940

Image for Amcal Once Daily Multi - 100 Tablets from Amcal

Participants who were healthy at the start of a study and took multivitamins experienced a reduction in their risk of having a heart attack compared to those who did not. Studies show that elderly people have insufficient intakes of vitamins and folate, a situation that can be improved by taking vitamin supplements. In a series of articles teams of neuroscientists have also studied the beneficial effects of multivitamin supplements on stress levels, morale and cognitive functions.

The skin of elderly people also synthesizes less vitamin D compared to the skin of a younger person. However, be careful as most vitamins today are derived from chemically processed sugar, petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives and industrially processed fish oils.

men skincare

men skincare

Essential Men Skincare Practices

Traditionally, many men don’t spend much time taking care of their skin. Strong soaps and scrubs make your skin dry, which allows fine lines and wrinkles to form. Since physical fitness and a healthy diet are considered essential for a happy life, why not add men skincare practices that will help your face look as fit as the rest of you? Here are five simple things recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology that men can do to improve the health of their skin:

Learn Your Skin Type

There is no one-size-fits-all skin care product including shaving foam and after-shave. Understanding your skin type will help you make the best choices when you look for https://www.amcal.com.au/men/skincare. The five types of skin are:

• Normal skin is not sensitive to skincare products
• Sensitive skin may burn or sting after using certain products
• Oily skin is greasy and shiny
• Dry skin is itchy and rough
• Combination skin is oily in some areas and dry in others

Read Men Skincare Product Labels Carefully

The type of product you use will depend on your type of skin. For example, if you have regular acne eruptions, you may consider products that say they are oil-free or non-comedogenic because they won’t clog pores. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to use mild products that are fragrance-free because added fragrance often causes dryness and irritation. Unscented products are not the same as fragrance-free because they may contain masking fragrance.

Wash Your Face

After strenuous exercise and in the morning or evening or any other time you wash your face, you should use mild facial cleaner and lukewarm water that will remove the built-up dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Harsh soaps and very hot water may damage your skin and promote early signs of aging.

Choose the Right Shaving Technique

You can select the best shaving technique for your skin type. For some men, the multi-blade razors push the hair too deep into the skin making it prone to developing ingrown hairs. Some hints for proper men skincare include, don’t pull your skin taught when you shave, moisturize your face with water first, shave in the direction of hair growth, use a moisturizing shaving cream and change your blade after five to seven shaves to minimize irritation.

Men Skincare Includes Wearing Sunscreen Outdoors

Sun damaged skin is one of the most common conditions for both men and women. Direct sunlight damages the fibers in the skin called elastin that hold it together. After some time, the skin starts to stretch, sag, and lose its ability to bounce back to its original shape. To get the best protection, you should wear a SPF 30 or higher product and put it on your face, ears, neck, arms and any other place that is exposed to the sun. It may need to be refreshed every two hours.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and each person has different skincare requirements. Dove Amcal is not only important for their appearance, but also for their overall health.

Image for Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion - 400mL from Amcal

Reduce Pain With A Pregnancy Belt

Reduce Pain With A Pregnancy Belt

Have you ever thought about purchasing a pregnancy support belt? Better yet, do you even know what one is? At first glance, many people believes a pregnancy support belt/ band is a waist belt; worn when working out. However, the sole purpose of a pregnancy support belt is to relieve the feeling of pressure that many women feel when pregnant. The weight of a baby or babies in some cases, causes pressure on your lower back, ligaments, muscles and joints, which causes discomfort. According to experts, 71% pregnant women suffer from lower back pain and 65% suffers from pelvic girdle pain. In order to combat this pain, many women wear a pregnancy support belt to support their lower back.

Types of Maternity Belts

There are three main types of maternity belts.

· Single Strap Belt

o Most women chooses a single strap belt for their back pain. As your belly enlarges so will your back pain.

· Extra Support Belt

o The extra support belt aka the plus-size belt is for the women who has either gained a lot of weight during their pregnancy or their stomach is too big for a single strap belt. This belt provides extra back support for women who are dealing with a lot of pain.

· Prenatal Cradle

o The prenatal cradle belt is normally made of elastic material; which means it is able to stretch and grow as you grow. Some of the benefits of this belt is that it offers relieve of hip separation, abdominal straining, and back pain.

You will choose your belt type solely on what pain you are experiencing. This also may vary as you progress further along in your pregnancy journey.

Benefits of using a pregnancy vitamins Amcal

There are several declared benefits for using a pregnancy support belt:

· Helps with posture.

o Many women “waddle” once they reach a certain point in their pregnancy. The pregnancy belt supports and corrects your posture.

· Ease pain.

o As previously stated, many women experience pain while pregnant. Depending on the type of belt you choose, the pain can be reduced.

It is important to note that a pregnancy support belt will not cause harm to your baby in any way. These belts are designed to help you during your pregnancy.

Alternatives to the Pregnancy Belt

Though a pregnancy belt is a great aid for pain relief, there are other things you can do. Some methods that can help reduce pain are:

· Working on your posture without the belt.

· Exercise

· Yoga

· Do squats

Before buying Swisse Pregnancy + Ultivite, talk to your doctor. Pregnancy belts can get expensive and you do not want to buy what you do not need. Moreover consulting with your doctor will ensure that the pain you are feeling is treatable by wearing a belt.

Image for Swisse Pregnancy + Ultivite - 90 Capsules from Amcal

Debunking Six Common Condom Myths

Debunking Six Common Condom Myths

In the past, sexual health awareness was not widespread. Many people had not realized the benefits of using contraceptives. With the increase in unprotected sex and casual sex, the rate of STD contraction has also increased. The situation has been an eye opener for people to understand the importance of condom use.

Condoms are necessary for three reasons. Firstly, they prevent the user from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Secondly, some are designed to increase sexual pleasure. Thirdly, they are a reliable method of preventing unplanned pregnancy. Despite all these benefits, condoms’ popularity has always been dragged down by these myths.

Condoms are likely to break
If this were true, then doctors would not recommend them so often. As long as you use them correctly, they are a safe form of protection. It is important to understand the factors that are likely to cause a condom break. They include exposure to heat, light, and air. Always check the expiration date before buying. Also, a Amcal HERO Regular will not go well with oil-based lube. Therefore, always go for water or silicone based lubes. If by chance a condom breaks while in the act, pull it out and replace immediately.

Image for HERO Regular - 12 Pack from Amcal

Condoms are a guy’s responsibility
Your health should be your top priority. You should never be embarrassed by securing your health. The good thing is that you can find a female condom quickly. Therefore, ladies should not shy away from using them whenever they are in need. A good sex life is important, and a condom will sure get you this.

Condoms are not effective in preventing pregnancies
Again, this is not true. While there is a chance for one to get pregnant when using a condom, the chances are meager. The important thing is to use it correctly. You can even increase their efficiency by using spermicide on them; which prevent the sperms from moving further the tracks. You should also consider pulling out with your condom on as this decreases your chances of getting pregnant.

Two layers are better than one
It is not true. Using one condom correctly and consistently is the best way to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and STDs. Putting on more than one condom at an instance reduces their effectiveness. This is due to the friction from the many condoms which is likely to cause a tear and wear.

Condoms cannot be used for oral sex
Yes, it is true that a condom should never come into contact with sharp objects such as teeth. However, some diseases can be transmitted through oral sex such as HPV, pubic lice, and herpes. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals engaging in oral sex should use a condom or dental dams. It is for both the one on the giving or at the receiving end of the oral sexual activity.

Condoms are expensive
It is not true. They are among the most affordable and accessible birth control methods. You can find Amcal condom prices in most drugstores, and no prescription is required. In case you are on a tight budget, consider visiting a community health center since they offer them for free.

Cold and Flu Tablets

Cold and Flu Tablets
With summer quickly ending, winter is right around the corner, and along with winter comes the colds and flu season. While many people try to stock up on cold and flu tablets, others wait until the need arises so they know what to buy. Despite what many believe, there are various types of Amcal cold and flu tablets on the market, and they all serve for different ailments. Learn more about these medicines and when and how to use them.

Cold vs. Flu

For as long as cold and flu have been around, people have been mistaking one for the other. When we don’t know what truly ails us, it’s hard to take the right medication. Just what is the difference between colds and the flu? First, there really is no cure for the common cold, although we can take things to lessen the symptoms.

The flu is generally worse than the cold, although a cold can advance to something more serious if not taken care of correctly. The flu, however, is more likely to develop into something more serious. While they are both respiratory disorders, they come from different viruses. People with colds generally have sore throats, runny noses, stuffy noses and possibly a cough.

People with flus typically experience body aches, chills, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and fatigue. The flu can last a day or two or may continue for more than a week. Because these two illnesses are so different, so is the need for different medication.

Cold and Flu Tablets – What to Take

If you’ve ever went shopping for Demazin Pe Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief Tablets 48 Pack Amcal, you know that there are many on the market. Some are listed for daytime while others are meant for nighttime use. The nighttime ones contain medications that can help you sleep better, which is extremely important when you’re sick.

Image for Demazin Pe Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief Tablets 48 Pack from Amcal
While there are some cold and flu tablets that work for both a cold and the flu, you’re generally going to find better results by matching medications to your symptoms. You may feel you’re saving money by getting medicine that covers several symptoms, but if you don’t have some of those symptoms, you’re not really benefitting.

For instance, you wouldn’t take medication for sore throats to help your achy body, right? Here are some of the common symptoms that may be helped with the right cold and flu tablets

• Chest cough – Try medication with mucolytics or expectorants.
• Dry cough –Try cough suppressants or cough drops. Hot tea with lemon really does help for both kinds of coughs.
• Stuffy nose – Decongestants are effective for reducing mucus formation. You can also get pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine from your pharmacist. Decongestant sprays with oxymetazoline or xylometazoline can be useful and fast-acting as well.
• Runny nose – Nasal sprays with ipratropium bromide are effective for runny nose and allergies.
• Achy body – Cold medicines with Ibuprofin and paracetamol are useful.
• Sore throat – If cold medicines for sore throat are ineffective, consider trying tea and throat lozenges.

When choosing medication for colds and the flu, you’ll find relief much quicker if you’re taken the correct medicine and are getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated!

Sinus Hayfever Relief

Sinus Hayfever Relief

Sinus hayfever is a condition that occurs as the result of an overactive immune system. It can be triggered by certain substances and foods. It can also be caused by exposure to certain environmental toxins. This condition can be difficult to cope with. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done for sinus hayfever relief.

Change Your Diet

Changing your diet is one of the most effective things that you can do for sinus hayfever relief. A healthy diet can help alleviate hayfever by strengthening your immune system. Dark, green leafy vegetables, garlic, ginger and beef are examples of some of the foods that you can include in your diet. Sugar, caffeine, wheat and dairy products are examples of things that can worsen your allergy symptoms.


Garlic is a home remedy that has been used for thousands of years. It can also be used in order to promote sinus hayfever relief. It has antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. You can crush a garlic clove and put it in your food. You can also take a garlic supplement.

Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C is another thing that can be done for sinus hayfever relief. It is a nutrient that helps strengthen your immune system. Even though vitamin C is found in many foods, you can take it in the form of a supplement. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that your body will naturally excrete it if you get too much of it. Or try products for hayfever sinus https://www.amcal.com.au/medicine-treatments/hayfever-allergy


Honey can also be effective for promoting sinus hayfever relief. Local honey can help boost your immunity to allergens. You should eat local honey throughout the year in order to reap the most benefits. Keep in mind that children who are under the age of 1 should not eat local honey.


Probiotics are often referred to as good bacteria. They are naturally found in your digestive tract. They are also found in fermented foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut. Additionally, you can take probiotics in the form of a supplement. You may experience sinus hayfever relief after using probiotics.


There are different teas that you can use for Amcal Sinus Pain Relief. For example, you can use ginger tea. It helps block the production of histamine and boosts the immune system. Peppermint tea can alleviate congestion. Nettle tea can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. Chamomile tea is also great for alleviating sinus problems.

Image for Amcal Sinus Pain Relief Pe - 24 Tablets from Amcal

Top Stop Smoking Products

A Look at the Top Stop Smoking Products

Kicking the habit is easiest with the aid of one or more of the stop smoking products available today. FDA-approved stop smoking products increase the odds you’ll kick the habit once and for all. Only 5% of smokers who try to stop succeed without a smoking-cessation product, compared to a 30% success rate for those who used such product. Increase your odds of success by combining your preferred smoking-cessation aid with behavioral therapy.

Types of Stop Smoking Products

Learning more about the various stop smoking aids is a valuable process that can help you get on the path to a smoke-free life. Gum, nicotine patches, e-juice, and oral medications are among the stop smoking products available today. Each product offers its own pros and cons, of which you should learn before making your selection. Like these nicotine patches available online https://www.amcal.com.au/health-and-wellbeing/quit-smoking/quitx-patch-14mg–7-24hr-p-9323610002914

Nicotine Patch

The nicotine patch is a self-adhesive patch that releases a steady stream of low amounts of nicotine into the body when placed on the skin. Each day a new patch is worn, delivering various doses of nicotine. Patches are easy to use and control cravings for up to 24-hours. The patches are also safe to use with other Amcal patches to stop smoking. On the downside, the patch may cause skin irritation and itching, rash, and nausea.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum provides small amounts of nicotine delivered through absorption through the lining of your mouth. Many people combine gum with the patch. Up to one piece every two hours can be used. Proper technique must be followed to get the full effectiveness of the product. Side effects such as upset stomach, excess saliva, and mouth irritation may occur when using nicotine gum.

Nicotine Lozenge

The nicotine lozenge is a tablet containing either 2mg or 4mg of nicotine. The lozenge is placed between your cheek and gum and is slowly sucked until it dissolves. The nicotine enters the bloodstream via the lining of your mouth. Most people also use the lozenges in combination with other stop smoking products.

Nicotine Inhaler

A nicotine inhaler is a device that is puffed to release nicotine vapor from a cartridge inside the device. The inhaler isn’t as popular as other stop smoking products, perhaps because it’s available only with a doctor’s prescription. This product controls withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings experienced when using smoking cessation products.

Oral Medications

The FDA has approved a couple of oral medications to suppress nicotine cravings. The medications are easy-to use, though side effects are too extreme for some users. In fact, the FDA released a warning against one of the stop smoking medications in 2009. For most users, the oral medications help them stop smoking quickly, though the medications are likely the most expensive of the stop smoking products sold today. Even still, most people who’ve tried to kick the habit are far more successful when using prescription stop smoking medications.