International Ride To Work Day

“Riding in winter?”  you ask.

Winter riding in Australia is just divine.  A little investment in warm dry riding gear rewards with sensational riding conditions.

  • Weather in NSW, Queensland and WA is cool but clear.   Prevailing high pressure systems  mean that these months are dry with clear blue skies.  Rug up and it’s perfect motorcycling weather.
  • Victoria, Southern SA & Tasmania often have cool wet winter days, but those residents are aclimatised and a much more hardy breed than their northern neighbours.  They’ll cope.

Winter often means people put their bikes away, but with such great riding, an event which encourages riders back on their bikes and scooters has to be for the greater good.

International Ride To Work Day has been in operation in the US for some 17 years.

  • The new day is not as hot in most northern hemisphere areas, and not as cold in most southern hemisphere areas.   June weather is more favorable worldwide.
  • The new day provides an increased opportunity for more riders to Ride to Work. Many workplaces close for summer holiday in July, the previous International Ride To Work timing – especially in Europe.
  • A Monday event encourages motorcycle and scooter commuting to continue during the entire week.